Open your home

Foster for Pet Pride

Thank you for your interest in fostering for Pet Pride. Together, we can save more lives.  

You must be 18 years of age or older to volunteer with Pet Pride.

Do the Math.

The math is simple: the number of homeless cats in our community far exceeds the number of available spaces in sanctuaries like ours. As a no-kill shelter, we never euthanize a cat just to make space for another. We take as many cats as our space and resources allow, but the hard fact is that we have to turn cats away. We simply can’t take them all. That’s where you come in!

Change the equation.

By becoming a Pet Pride foster volunteer, you can change the equation. When you open your home and heart to a foster cat, together we save one more life. Just think of the impact you can have if you foster a litter of kittens!

Multiply your impact.

During kitten season, the need for foster homes is especially urgent. Fosters are needed for pregnant cats, nursing moms and their litters, kittens born to feral moms, and abandoned kittens. Expectant and nursing moms need a quiet, private space away from other cats, and their babies need extra TLC until they are old enough to be adopted.

Subtract some stress.

If that sounds like too much to take on, consider fostering just one of our adult cats. While many of them do just fine in our sanctuary and even enjoy the company of their housemates, others find the multi-cat environment stressful. Time in foster care can allow stressed cats to relax and show their best selves, making them more attractive to potential adopters.

Calculate the rewards.

Here’s some more math: the rewards are many, the sacrifices few. Pet Pride will provide training, ongoing support, and veterinary care. You enjoy the purrs, the companionship, and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a lifesaving difference.

Start now.

Start saving lives today by completing the application below. If you have any questions about fostering for Pet Pride, please contact us by email or call 585.742.1630.

Foster Volunteer Application