Helping a Found Cat

If you’ve crossed paths with a lost, abandoned, or stray cat,  Pet Pride may be able to help.  

Answering a few questions about the cat and its situation will guide you, and us, in determining what steps to take next.

Is this your own pet or a family member’s pet that you wish to rehome?

Please visit our Surrendering Your Cat page.

Do you think the cat may be someone’s lost pet?

You can take these steps to try to reunite the cat with its owner:
• Check for a collar and ID tags.
• Put “found cat” posts on social media. Include a photo, physical description, and the location where the cat was found. Lollypop Spotters and the     Nextdoor app are good places to start.
• Place “found cat” posters up in your neighborhood.
• Take the cat to a veterinarian’s office or shelter to be scanned for a microchip.
• Visit Lollypop Farm’s excellent “I found a lost pet” page for additional suggestions.

Is the cat critically ill or injured?

If you can get the cat into a carrier with no risk to yourself, contact a veterinarian immediately.
If this is an after-hours emergency, contact Rochester Emergency Veterinary Services at 585-775-0020.

Is this a feral cat?

Visit our page on identifying and helping feral cats.

Is this an abandoned pet or a stray in need of a home?

Pet Pride may be the right place for the cat! We may be able to shelter and care for the cat and help him find an adoptive home. Please complete Pet Pride’s Found Cat Admission Application below. Understand that completion of an application does not guarantee admission. We must consider multiple factors in determining whether we can accept a cat into our sanctuary.

Found Cat Admission Application