March 24, 2024

Pet Pride's "Poorly Drawn Pets" FUNraiser - March 13-April 17, 2024

Get in on the fun by participating in our newest FUNraiser: “POORLY DRAWN PETS”!

You provide us with a photo of your pet along with a $25 donation to Pet Pride. In return, you receive an 8 x 10”portrait of your pet drawn by one of our amateur artists!


We cast a wide net for our artists. They include second graders, high school seniors, senior living community residents, Pet Pride staffers, volunteers, and friends. There is quite a range of talent, so you may receive a watercolor masterpiece, or you may receive a stick figure drawn with crayons. Part of the fun is not knowing what you will get, so please enjoy and be a good sport!


1. Donate $25 at and put “Poorly Drawn Pets” in the notes.

2. Email a photo of your pet along with your contact information to Indicate whether you prefer to pick up your finished artwork at Pet Pride or have us mail it to you.


Submissions will be accepted through April 17, 2024. Finished artwork can be picked up from Pet Pride beginning April 30, 2024.

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