Supplies we need

Wish List

Thank you for your interest in donating items to Pet Pride. We are always in need of the items on the list below. You can drop donations off at our sanctuary during open hours, or have them shipped directly to us at 7731 Victor Mendon Road, Victor, NY 14564. Please include your name and contact information with your gift so that we can acknowledge your generosity.

• Towels
•  Blankets
•  Canned cat food
•  Canned kitten food – Fancy Feast
•  New cat toys - pompoms, mice, pipe cleaners, interactive toys
•  New scratching posts
•  Suet for the birds. (Birdwatching provides enrichment for our cats.)
•  Dry cat food
•  Carriers
•  Large dog crate – 48.5”l x 30.2”w x 32”h
•  AA Batteries
•  Paper towels
•  Feliway spray & plug-in refills
•  Non-clumping litter
•  Clumping litter
•  Postage stamps
•  Garbage bags – 13-gallon
•  Gift cards – Country Max, Pet Supplies Plus, Tractor Supply, Target