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A no-kill sanctuary and adoption center for cats



Our cats are ready for a committed relationship!

Are you?

The decision to adopt a cat is a big one that will change your life as well as the cat’s. In order to ensure that the adoption process is just the beginning of a lifetime love match for you and one of our cats, please consider these questions:

• Do you live in a place where cats are welcome? If you rent your home, be sure your lease allows for cats.

• Do you live with other people? Is everyone ready to welcome a new feline family member? Does anyone have allergies?

• Do you have other pets? Do you have an idea of how they might interact with a new sibling?

• Do you have room in your budget as well as in your heart? Be sure to include the cost of food and treats, litter boxes and litter, scratching posts and toys.

• Will you provide for the cat in sickness and in health? All cats should visit their veterinarian at least once a year for a physical exam and vaccinations. You’ll also need to budget for unexpected illnesses and the associated veterinary bills. Like humans, cats may need more medical care as they age.

• Do you have someone to care for your cat when you travel? If you will be hiring a pet sitter, be sure to include their fees in your budget.

• Are you planning to keep the cat indoors? Indoor cats generally live longer and healthier lives, and are less apt to fall victim to disease, predators, parasites, motor vehicles, and other hazards.

If, after considering these questions, you have decided that you are ready to adopt, please start the process by completing our adoption application. For more information about the adoption process, click here. To view some of our adoptable cats, click here.