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Blue-Collar Cats

Pet Pride’s Blue-Collar Cats program is a special adoption program for our rescued cats who are feral or unsocialized and who are unable to be returned to their original outdoor habitats.

Why do they need a special adoption program?
Blue-Collar Cats would not be happy in a regular home setting. The life of a house pet is not for them. They eschew the human lap, don’t seek out ear scratches, and wouldn’t even plop themselves on your computer keyboard to get attention. So instead, they are adopted and placed in a safe and stimulating environment more appropriate to their needs.

What kind of environment?
Blue-Collar Cats thrive in the great outdoors, with the wind in their fur, the sun on their backs, and humans at an agreeable distance. But they also require access to safe, permanent shelter.

Why are they called Blue-Collar Cats?
These are working cats who simply obey their natural instincts as hunters to provide rodent and pest control for property owners.

What does the adopter provide?
Food, shelter, and basic health care. Adopters agree to provide the cat with regular access to safe, warm, dry shelter in a permanent structure such as a barn, shed, stable, winery, nursery, or outbuilding. It is preferred that the structure be located at least ½ mile from busy roads. Adopters also agree to provide the cat with nutritious food and fresh water daily and with licensed veterinary care for routine vaccinations and treatment of illness or injury.

What does Pet Pride do?
All of our Blue-Collar Cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and treated for worms and fleas. Pet Pride then screens prospective adopters and matches them with the cat best suited for their particular setting.

Is there an adoption fee for a Blue-Collar Cat?
Although there is no adoption fee, we do ask for a $50 donation to partially offset the costs of caring for the cat and preparing them for adoption.

How do I apply to adopt a Blue-Collar Cat?
Complete our online Blue-Collar Cats Adoption Application. Please also review our Blue-Collar Cats Adoption Contract, which you will be asked to sign at the time of adoption.

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