Ricky's Story

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In many ways, Ricky is just like any other kitten. Alert and curious about new things, every sound sets his ears twitching. Feather toys capture his attention, and he chases them with gusto. When he’s tuckered out, Ricky curls up with his foster mom and purrs himself to sleep.

But Ricky has to do things a bit differently from other kittens because he can’t currently stand or walk. Born with a birth abnormality in his hind legs, he’s unable to bend them at the knee. That doesn’t stop this energetic boy from scooting around at impressive speeds using just his front paws or from trying to stand up and bat at objects that are just out of reach. Ricky is one very determined kitten!

And if Ricky won’t give up, then neither will we. We sought out Dr. Kevin Jones of ROC Pet Rehab for his expertise, and he has been directing Ricky’s care. Ricky’s dedicated foster mom, Deb, has been doing repetitive therapeutic exercises with Ricky four to five times each day to improve flexibility in the more impaired right hind leg. Once Ricky had gained sufficient flexion, Dr. Jones made a fiberglass mold of the leg. Prosthetic manufacturer Bionic Pets will use it to craft a custom brace. Our hope is that the brace may allow Ricky’s right hind leg to stay in a more normal position and possibly allow him to stand and walk.

The road ahead will be long. Deb will have to continue Ricky’s exercise regimen to maintain flexibility. Ricky will need to be periodically refitted for new braces as he grows. It’s likely that he’ll have to wear a brace for the rest of his life.

The financial investment is considerable and there are no guarantees, but we think it’s a chance worth taking. We believe this intrepid little guy is up to the challenges that lie ahead. So, we’re making a special appeal to our most generous donors for support in meeting the costs of Ricky’s care.

Won’t you help us give Ricky the chance he deserves by making your donation to Pet Pride today?