Petey's Story

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After his mother was run over by a golf cart and left to die, Petey was found trying to nurse from her dead body. At just six days old, with a severe bacterial infection and a double eye infection, Petey's chances of survival appeared slim. He spent his first month with us at Pet Pride in one of our incubators, fighting for his life.

Once he was out of danger, Petey required weeks of physical therapy to overcome swimmer syndrome, a condition characterized by widely splayed limbs that makes it difficult to walk or even stand.

All kittens should have the chance to grow into happy, healthy cats.

Petey is one of the lucky ones. He's now a healthy kitten romping around his forever home. But there are so many more like him. Pet Pride has taken in more than 150 young kittens so far this year, many of them orphans who require labor-intensive care, round-the-clock bottle feeding, and socialization to become adoptable. And they just keep coming through our doors.

Together, we can save precious lives.

It takes a lot of formula to feed newborns, and their appetites only get bigger as they grow. Some kittens need more intervention than others, but all of them need veterinary exams, testing, and vaccinations. At Pet Pride, we're committed to helping these little ones thrive, but we can't do it without your support. Won’t you partner with us to save precious lives by making your donation to Pet Pride today?