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A no-kill sanctuary for cats

Three Steps to Your New Best Friend

Modified for the COVID Pandemic

1. The first step in adopting a cat from Pet Pride during the COVID pandemic is completing our online adoption application. We ask that you also review our adoption contract.

2. After our team members have reviewed your application, they will contact you to schedule an appointment. You can choose one of two types of appointments:

A visit to the sanctuary. At this time, we are open only by appointment. You will be required to wear a mask, and you will be asked to sanitize your hands upon entry to our building. All staff members will also be wearing masks. You will have a socially distant conversation with a team member, who will then bring adoptable cats or kittens out to meet you in the reception area.

A virtual interview. If you are more comfortable with this option, a team member will speak with you via FaceTime or a similar app and send you pictures of available cats.

3. The last and most exciting step in the process is bringing your new cat or kitten home with you. Be sure to bring a cat carrier for your cat’s safety. We cannot send a cat home without one. And be sure you have food, bowls, toys, treats, litter, and a litter box or two set up at home. A Pet Pride team member will review the adoption contract with you and collect the adoption fee. For kittens under six months of age, a fully refundable spay/neuter deposit will also be collected. Then you will be able to take your new family member home!
Adoption Fee
The adoption fee you pay helps offset the many costs of caring for homeless cats and preparing them for adoption.

Kitten (up to 6 months of age)
Adult Cat
Senior Cat (7 years and older)
All adoptable cats have had the following procedures completed:

• A physical examination by a veterinarian
• Feline leukemia test
• Vaccinations
• Deworming medication and flea treatment
• Spay/neuter surgery for cats 6 months of age or older
Spay/Neuter Deposit
If you adopt a kitten less than six months of age, you will pay a fully refundable spay/neuter deposit of $125.00. Once the cat is of age and you present proof that you have had the cat spayed or neutered, your deposit will be cheerfully refunded.