Lifetime Care Program Contract

It's never too early to start thinking about what will happen to your pet(s) should you pass unexpectedly or move to a situation that does not allow pets.
To this end, we suggest reading this article is a good place to start.

1. I agree to provide Pet Pride of New York Inc, (hereafter “Pet Pride”), a sum of $5000 for each cat aged 7 and younger and or $10,000 for each cat aged 8 and older in the form of a payment at the time the cat(s) are relinquished to the care of Pet Pride or as a provision in my will upon my death in the event the cats are relinquished to the care of Pet Pride at that time.

2. I agree to provide for the costs of a full veterinary evaluation of the current health status of each cat by veterinarians selected by Pet Pride prior to their being placed in the care of Pet Pride.

3. If, prior to relinquishing to the care of Pet Pride said cat(s) (regardless of age), chronic health issues are identified which will require ongoing maintenance medications and veterinary care and that might compromise the adoption of said cat(s), I agree to provide an additional sum of $5,000 for the care of each such cat relinquished to Pet Pride under the Lifetime Care Program.

4. I agree that adoption of the cat(s) relinquished to the care of Pet Pride under this Lifetime Care Program will be permitted to a suitable home at the discretion of Pet Pride consistent with the current adoption policies of Pet Pride.

5. Pet Pride agrees to provide Lifetime Care of all cats relinquished to our care under this agreement at our shelter or other suitable care facility until such time as the animal is adopted or is deceased. Lifetime Care includes food, shelter, companionship by the shelter staff, as well as routine, maintenance, and emergency veterinary care. Lifetime Care also includes all required inoculations and maintenance medications for cat(s) with chronic health condition(s) consistent with current standards of veterinary care, the recommendations of Pet Pride’s veterinarian(s), and the maintenance of a good quality of life for the cat(s).

6. Consistent with the By-Laws and policies of Pet Pride, no cat covered under a Lifetime Care Program contract will be euthanized unless a qualified veterinary professional certifies that the animal is in severe pain and that recovery is not possible or that, if recovery is possible, the quality of life of the animal will be seriously and permanently impaired.

Agreed this ________ day of ______________ 20______.

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Owner or Legal Representative Authorized Representative Pet Pride of New York, Inc.