Before you adopt a cat or kitten from Pet Pride of New York, Inc., we ask that you read, understand, and agree to the terms of this contract:

I fully realize my responsibility as I accept this cat called ________________________________
Color: _____________ Breed: ____________________ Sex: _______ Age: _______
from Pet Pride of New York, Inc. on Date: _______________
I will keep this cat with me as long as it lives unless extreme circumstances prevent it, in which case I will contact Pet Pride of New York, Inc. for return options.
By extreme circumstances, we mean unavoidable situations such as death of an owner, call to active duty in the armed services, moving to a permanent health care facility.

The following examples are NOT extreme circumstances: moving to a no-pets apartment, taking in a stray cat that upsets an otherwise peaceful household and expecting to return the Pet Pride resident.

  • I will devote a reasonable time for daily companionship with this cat.
  • If this is an outdoor cat, it means that it is adopted for a good barn or farm situation. This does NOT release the new owners from the responsibility of feeding the cat a good commercial cat food and keeping a fresh water supply available and up to date on medical care.
  • I agree to provide the cat with an annual checkup with a veterinarian. It is understood that all cats need dental care, physical examinations, and updated vaccinations. While no one can plan for illness or behavioral problems, dealing with them is part of responsible pet ownership. Most veterinarians will work out a payment plan if the cost of treatment is more than you can afford at the time of need.
  • I agree to follow instructions as to its care, its housing, its food, its treatment, and its health.
  • If this is an indoor-outdoor cat, with full knowledge of this at the time of adoption, I agree to keep all vaccines current, including rabies, and fully understand the terminal results of feline leukemia and FIV, for which there is no cure at this time. I am aware that the Pet Pride people feel that cats are safer indoors where they are protected from disease and harm.
  • I promise to have a female kitten spayed at five months and a male kitten altered at five months.
  • I will not declaw my cat. I have read the Pet Pride of New York, Inc. educational bulletin on this subject.