About the Directors

Founder and Historian
Jacqueline Russel
President and
Chair of Board of Directors

Robert K. Boeckman Jr., PhD.
Vice President and Founder
Stuart Gluckman, DVM
Recording Secretary
Mary Czech
Paul J. Gard, CPA
Other Board Members
Jamie Allman, CPA
William Crocker
Maureen Mulley
Barbara Snaith
Marlies Sullivan
Hazel Williamson
Charles Githler
Shelter Liaison
Debbie Crocker

  • Our Wish List
    1. Cash Donations
    2. Cat toys & Laser Lights
    3. Postage Stamps
    4. Paper towels
    5. Clorox Bleach
    6. Covered litter boxes
    7. Batteries: All sizes
    8. HP-black Ink HP902, or HP902XL,
    9. HP-color ink HP902XL
    10. Fancy Feast canned food (tender liver & chicken classic, turkey & giblets classic, chicken feast classic, and any flavor of gravy lovers except fish)
    11. Kitchen Garbage Bags-13 gallon
If you can donate any of the above items, our cats would greatly appreciate it!

You can also find our wish list on Amazon®

About the Staff

Operations Manager
Debbie Crocker
Office & Shelter Staff

Katherine, Ronda, and Jane
Volunteer Photographers
Andrew Park
David Rice
Volunteer Webmaster
Mary Delton

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Katherine and one of the new kittens
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Jane with Allie
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Ronda with one of the new cats

  • About the Cats
    • All cats are tested for feline leukemia before they are admitted and housed with the other cats.
    • Each cat is let out to play every day and cats that get along are let out to play together.
    • There are usually 25 cats at the shelter at one time and they are housed in 3 separate rooms with lots of windows and things to climb up on.
    • Each cat has his/her own large cage with litter box, feed, water, toys, and a very comfy bed. And if you know cats, you know how important it is for them to have a comfy place to sleep.

We're cat specialists

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We find new homes for abandoned cats. We help with cats that become homeless when their owners relocate. We take in kittens, their momma cats, and any of our previously adopted cats, should an owner no longer be able to care for his/her cat.

When needed, we spay or neuter any stray cat we accept. However, when you adopt an un-neutered kitten, you are financially responsible for getting the kitten neutered when it is old enough. There is a deposit that is refunded if you present proof of spay/neuter.

We provide all required health care, good food and rehabilitation for cats that have been abused. We handle our cats every day and let them loose in the shelter to play and socialize.

We do not kill what we have in order to make room for more. Euthanasia only becomes necessary when cats are injured beyond positive repair or when they have terminal leukemia (which is contagious and a threat to other cats in any colony). Sometimes, death is kinder than life for the injured, or sick cat. Our veterinarians help us make these decisions.
Pet Pride of New York has been a legal 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization since 1977. Since 2000, we have had our own shelter and office building on fifteen wooded acres in the town of Victor, NY.

We're fully tax deductible, should you wish to make a donation. You'll know that your money is being properly and wisely managed by caring cat people.
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